Bug and Path

This separate, dedicated teaching site is designed so that students can access the materials they need no matter where they are. While I try to make as much as possible available publicly, both for students in my courses as well as to interested others, some course materials must remain behind the university paywall (aka Moodle) due to copyright restrictions. (I take fair use seriously.) If you are a visiting student or scholar and would like access to those materials, please get in touch with me.


Course Sketches

The courses listed below are ones I imagine teaching in a context where both close and distant reading, where both computation and cogitation, feature equally in the treatment of texts.

While I have never taught these courses as they are sketched out here, they are based on units or features of courses or workshops I have conducted.

Guides and Statements

There are some things all students in my courses need, or want, to know:

Nota Bene

In addition to a static portfolio, I have also kept a weblog since 2004 or so. Any number of papers, drafts of grant proposals, process notes, tutorials, links, and ideas can be found there. I should note that not everything is on this website yet: migrations are slow processes, if only to simplify maintenance of materials. Fellow faculty should feel free to adapt / adopt any of the materials included here. Everything is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Code (CC BY-SA 4.0).